Sunday, 7 March 2010


With a Marxist half-breed running the show in the White House and the country predictably gone to hell in a hand basket, it's no wonder that good southern folk have temporarily taken their eye off the conspiracy of fudge-packers and sausage jockeys who are still intent on raping our young men's pristine asses, rendering them permanently unfit to handle any kind of weapon apart from the pork sword.

The good news is that sterling, albeit fucking under-appreciated work, is being done every day by committed Christian scientists and volunteers to reverse the tide of effeminacy and crypto-faggotry overwhelming my beloved country. Now, this brave, pioneering work doesn't come cheap and Clayton knows that many Christians have misguidedly given away fistfuls of their hard-earned dollars to scrounging Haitian savages who're just going to blow it all on crack, but, if you care one iota for the sexual wellbeing of God's innocent children,  i ask you to please donate whatever you can to Clayton's Rehabilitation Center for Homosexual Gerbils, the first step towards finding a cure for this insidious abomination.

 Before Treatment : GGG : Gerbil Gone Gay. Seemingly irreversible gayness.

After Treatment : 90mph in the straight lane

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